Scouting Reports on Navyhog40(Penn St)


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    Scouting Reports on Navyhog40(Penn St) Empty Scouting Reports on Navyhog40(Penn St)

    Post by dipsh on Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:36 pm

    Put scouting reports on your opponents in here. No back and forth just scouting reports.

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    Scouting Reports on Navyhog40(Penn St) Empty Re: Scouting Reports on Navyhog40(Penn St)

    Post by IUcookie on Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:25 am

    He run commits all game...

    jk Navyhog lol

    Offense- Establishes run early and often. He'll throw in the read option here and there with Hackenberg (who breaks every god damn tackle for some reason). All of his runs came from shotgun. But I just couldn't stop it unless I...wait for committed. If I just blitzed normally with no run commitment, my guys would all get suctioned. He would have 1 or 2 linemen in front of his RB leading the way every time so i couldn't get around to tackle him. He does the same 3 or 4 routes when he passes. Curl to the left, In routes on the right side, swing screen on the left, and my personal favorite, scramble with Hackenberg and wait until one of my corners lay on the ground and fall asleep and find the wide open receiver he was supposed to cover. If you can stop his run, be ready for these routes. All shotgun.

    Defense- If you run the read option, his DEs always stay at home, always. But he still gets enough push from his D line to stop my running back. His LBs flow to the ball real well. I mean his guys were just flying everywhere. My team is pretty fast but they just didnt look fast at all vs this guy. Saw zone defense for the most part.

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