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    Im going to be doing press conf for all my games and yall can do em in here also.

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    Columbia, SC-
    Reporter- What made you leave Baylor and come to South Carolina to be a defensive corrdinatior?

    Yung- Well i had a good run with Baylor and i have alot of respect for the program thats in motion. But i couldnt pass up a oppitunity to coach in the best conf with the best teams, the best coaches, the best players and the best fans. The is no other place i would rather be. A SEC saturday is like no other.

    Reporter- You have got a chance to run the team through the practices and got a understanding of what kind of talent you have. What do you think of your defense.

    Yung- I think we have a good defense we got a little of everything. We got some talented SR's and some impressive young guys. I got some guys that got a chip on they shoulder because of the tough loss in the NC last year but this is another year and these guys are ready to redeem themselves.

    Reporter- Do you feel lucky to coach on a team that have on the SEC premire RB's and WR's.

    Yung- Yes i do. I had a chance to see Lattimore and Jeffrey on the field in pads and those guys are the best of the best. Lattimore is a tough guy to get on the ground and Jeffrey is a tall guy with deceptive speed and sure to cause mismatches. But Clowney has showed me some promise he is fast and powerful and fits my system great.

    Reporter- You got a bye week to open the season what are your plans.

    Yung- Well we plan on run through some drills as usual. We have a big game coming up in week 2 vs coach Chugg and his Colorado boys and we know they going to give us they best shot so we want to be prepared so we going to have some good practices so we can see problem area's and address them before we get on the field because excutions is key in big games such as this.

    Reporter- Well coach thats all is there anything you want to say before we wrap this up.

    Yung- I want to thank the AD for this chance to coach this team

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