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    **Relive The Memories** Workers 2010 OD Thread


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    **Relive The Memories** Workers 2010 OD Thread Empty **Relive The Memories** Workers 2010 OD Thread

    Post by splff3000 on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:30 pm

    Workers 2010 OD Thread

    Workers 2010 Setup Thread

    The second year of Workers started off kinda slow. It wasn't until an, admittedly, tyrannical rant by myself that things got started. Once they did, we never slowed down. In 2010, we lost a few good members from the first year such as redzone62, bigdougswan, and rcdawgs, but we replaced them with equally good members. 2010 was the year of the spat lol. We had spats between just about every one in the dynasty at some point or another. We had classic spats between ehicks and kid, myself and dda, ehicks and dda(multiple times), and that 120z guy and a bunch of people lol. The ehicks and dda clashes were especially memorable lol. They seemed to be arch rivals ala Spiderman and Green Goblin. Who can forget hicks braking his controller because he lost to dda? lol Classic!! Unfortunately 2010 ended early because of the impending release of MW2, oh and the birth of my son lol. It was great while it lasted though.

    Final Members

    Teams / PSN/ OSN
    -Auburn / splff3000 / splff3000
    -Virginia Tech / KidIcarus27 / KidIcarus27
    -North Carolina / Goatstain / Scrapps
    -Oklahoma St. / fsu5playmaker / twelveozplaya21
    -Nebraska / BeatAssailant / stoptherun
    -Florida St. / CT21 / CT21
    -Illinois / urbanslegend15 / Urbanslegend05
    -Miami / Sdid22 / sdid22
    -Penn State / DDA0089531 / DDA0089531
    -Cal / gameface1324 / gameface1324
    -Wisconsin / ehicks009 / ehicks009
    -Ole Miss / uncleLEO12 / TheJoker23

    Worker 2010 Dynasty Champions

    Year - PSN - Team
    2009 - CPU - Texas
    2010 - Sdid - Miami
    2011 - splff3000 - Auburn
    2012 - sdid - Miami

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