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    xksong (California) Empty xksong (California)

    Post by dipsh on Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:15 pm

    Post scouting reports on this player in this thread. No trash talk. No responses. Just scouting reports. Any non scouting posts will be deleted.

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    xksong (California) Empty Re: xksong (California)

    Post by Jaredlib on Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:42 am

    I feel bad because Song wrote up a great scouting report and mine is gonna suck

    I told yall this a year ago when we started doing these, I suck at this shit, my short term memory got smoked away years ago in college.

    I will try my best.

    Obviously, this is the first time I have played Song, part of what makes this whole thing cool is that you guys are fresh players after playing with the PS3 guys on here for 3 years.

    Song is really good at passing the ball, I would say his main strength. He did not turn the ball over once all game and I was trying my damn hardest to get him to, I threw zone, zone blitzes, a lot of man at him, and he made consistently smart decisions. Very pro style approach, balanced attack. He has solid duo at WR, the white guy #28 I believe, will hit you with the crosses, hitches, in/out, slant basically underneath stuff but when you start worrying about that he will look for you to leave his studly-as-hell speedster, I think #21 anderson or something like that, isolated on the outside, will definitely look for the deep ball if its there and has a crazy ability to go up and get it. very dangerous in this regard. I remember maybe 1 option play and 1 or 2 screen passes, so mostly conventional runs/pass routes. Pretty mobile QB, would definitely take off on you if you leave the field open for him, so I suggest a spy or keeping a LB in zone. Defintely takes what you give him, doesn't force bad passes or play stubbornly making bad decisions

    Defenisvely I remember a lot of three downlineman sets and pressure could be coming from anywhere. Sometimes controlled an end, sometimes the MLB, switched it up. I honestly don't know exactly wher he was running, which is why I was held to 3 FGs when I got into the redzone the first three times. Had me confused, which is why I can't be more helpful here. Definitely seemed like man more often than not, bu wasnt just sitting in under 2, mixed it up with some man on the outside and seemed like LBs were in zone sometimes. I dunno, this is the worst report ever because I literally suck at doing these

    Basically he played very solid all around, I thought I had it in the bag but he just torched me on defense with 2 scores in the last 2 minutes of the game, picked me apart on in the passing game, had a lot of great touch passes and was able to high point the ball in the air. Crazy good game

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