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    Post by Guest on Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:36 pm

    UGA pulls in 2 more guys this week.

    Matt Johnson (MLB) *** JUCO(SO)
    6'3 222lbs Adamsville, AL
    Tendency: Coverage
    Committed to: UGA

    Georgia adds a need recruit this week by adding MLB Matt Johnson. Johnson is a JUCO so he was some experence playing college football. He has decent speed but needs to work hard on his lateral movement. He has decent tackling skills but needs to learn how to wrap up so he wont miss as may tackles. Johnson is poor in his coverage skills, so he needs alot of work before he hits the field. But he does shead blocks fairly well and has a good finesse move so maybe coach yung can find something for him.

    Sean Timmons (WR) ****
    6'6 200lbs Columbus, GA
    Tendency: Balanced
    Committed to: UGA

    Coach yung is excited about his latest commit Sean Timmons. Timmons is a tall WR coming out of the state of GA who might become a big part of the Georgia offense one day. He has good speed but might want to hit the gym and get with some trainers because he lacks the agility to play with the DB he will see every week in the SEC. Sean needs to improve in his catching skills, but that should improve over time once he get with the WR coaches. He has poor route running but he catches the ball in traffic pretty good and make some spectacular catchs when its a jump ball. His size will cause some miss matches vs smaller DB's and he is physical so he might be a good wr with some work. Coach yung said he might play a role next season depending on how his team fills out

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    1. Florida
    4. Oklahoma
    7. USC
    10. Miami
    12. Florida State
    31. Penn State
    41. Ohio State
    46. Auburn
    75. Cal
    85. Texas
    98. Georgia

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