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    History/Rules/Past Champions/Awards Empty History/Rules/Past Champions/Awards

    Post by urbanslegend05 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:43 pm

    Out of the ashes of an automn morning rose the beginning of what some call sacred. It was the triumphant start of what would become known as "the most fucking amazing dynasty of all time" by many. In the beginning, there were only a few. Gamers, from the far reaches of countries worldwide, including the United States and Canada. They came with monikers such as Urbanslegend, Ehicks, Stoptherun, Joker and Clark. They were few, but there game would spread and their game was strong.
    The Legend ventured outside the lands of Rivals. He passed into Workers, a ground where champions were made. He knew that he would need to make a name for himself and he quickly did, earning the respect of the workleader, a gamer with name Splff.
    These two great leaders exchanged stories of the battlefield and champions past. More came along, vowing to destroy the Legends, but the legends persist. There were stories of Stoptherun past. Of how Ehicks won championship glory. But there was much more to come.
    In a place called Operation sports these events come to past, but the Operation persecuted the Rivals. They put shame on their name. Without a seconds hesitation, Rivals and Workers untied as won, forming the forums you now read. A big "Fuck you" went out to Operation Sports and their judgemental tyranny.
    So born was a new dream. A land where anything went. A land were the United States and Canada could opening hate each other. It was phenomenal.
    Others have arrived, claiming to be the king of NCAA, but the war continues, undying on the battlefield. There have been success stories of the mighty Gators. The Irish have risen from the graves and returned to them. And Sooners have hoisted trophies.
    Welcome to Rivals, where Saturday happens (cue music).

    2010: Oregon Ducks (scrapps)
    2011: Ohio State (breon)
    2012: Florida (urbanslegend)
    2013: Oklahoma (Joker)
    2014: Florida (urbanslegend)
    2015: Florida (urbanslegend)
    2016: Notre Dame (Jhawk)
    2017: Florida (urbanslegend)
    2018: Notre Dame (Jhawk)
    2019: Penn State (Jaredlib)
    2020: Penn STate (Jaredlib)

    Heisman Winners
    2010: Armando Allen - Notre Dame(shiznaddydaddy)
    2011: Shane Vareen - Cal (Splff)
    2012: Lamar Miller - Miami (Ehicks)
    2013: A.J. McCarron - Alabama (Dclark)
    2015: Tanner Bolen - Florida (urbanslegend)

    Rivals Award (Best Defensive Player)
    2011: Jelani Jenkins - Florida (urbanslegend)
    2012: Dravanti Johnson - Texas (stoptherun)
    2013: William Brown - Oklahoma (joker)


    The jhawk rule:
    If a user takes over midseason, he will be put on auto for a user game unless he has more than one user game scheduled or already has a loss on his record. This is to make sure that everyone has to go through a couple of users to make it to the championship.

    - Heisman
    - 8 minute quarters
    - 1 week will be 1-3 days real time. As always, we will advance as fast as possible. If everyone is done in 12 hours. We'll advance in 12 hours. As always, I don't want to stretch any more than 3 days. Last year, as most of you know, we moved at about a game a day to a day and a half pace. I hope to keep that pace this year.
    - no fcs teams on schedule at all
    - you must play at least 3 human players each season. I will try to fit in 4 after the first season.
    - play as sim and realistic as possible. Everyone is grown in here, and I've know everyone knows what this means, so I'm not going to go into that. This is more for newbies if anyone drops later on down the road.
    - Run commit is banned.
    - Talk smack. I don't care, just don't get banned from the board. You guys know who you are.....cough, cough.

    Recruiting rules: May only recruit the number of seniors leaving plus 3, unless you're below the 70 man roster limit. At no time should your roster have more than 73 players. If this happens, the team will lose the top rated recruit. If it happens a second time, you will lose your top recruit and your 3 extra scholarships the next season. A third time, I will come to your house and kick your ass.

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