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    Post by dipsh on Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:14 pm

    Post scouting reports on this player in this thread. No trash talk. No responses. Just scouting reports. Any non scouting posts will be deleted.

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    Post by Errig on Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:23 am

    Honestly guys i am not great at scouting reports, I don't pick up on things easily when I play so these are rough for me. I'll do my best tho.

    Offense - Very balanced offense playing, has a QB that will take off on you if you don't leave a spy on him, and once he breaks a big play he will run the no huddle to kill you. Likes to run the option from time to time, but about 6 of the 8 time he ran the ttriple option he handed it off to the FB that was running inside, will do a QB fake handoff to the HB and take off with the QB, fooling the D very well. QB is very speedy. Didn't see a consist amount of plays, spreads the field very well and uses all of his WR's and backs.

    Defense - Manily controls the LB, and does a well job of using him over the middle to double a WR that is in the slot or coming over the middle, uses both man and zone on D, doesn't attack the line with the LB that often unless he suspects a run play, will sit back and wait for the play to develop.

    Speical teams - He WILL take advantage if you mess up on punts, he took a long punt to the house on me. Also his punting skills are top notch, pinned me inside the 20 i think 3 or 4 times, very impressive.

    Overall - Skillz is a great guy to play, does not abuse and plays and keeps it straight forward. Great guy to play and can't wait to see him again (hopefully for the conference champ game)

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    Post by chugg18 on Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:39 am

    For the love of god punt the ball away from his god damn returner. The kid has this shit figured out. Took one to the house on me as well. Maybe just punt the ball out of bounds lol

    Watch for his scrambling qb, especially in long down situations. He'll spread u out and then take off with him. He had a couple nice gains with this tactic. Had me off balance for the first half, attacking the flats, qb scrambles, comeback route, and some drags. Didn't throw deep a ton it didn't seem like. A lot of run plays from the gun. He run a little no huddle every now and again. First series of the game he came out in a 4wr set and audibled to a iform stretch or somethin to the right side which I thought was kinda cool. Caught me off guard. I love the strategic battle with the user oppenents, and I thought that was clever call. Didn't do it again, I don't recall, the rest the game.

    I was havin a hell of time runnin the ball against him on first down. Always felt like it was a minimal gain or loss. He controls the lb most the time and tries to get in a few d line adjustments pre-snap. Not sure if he s just kinda movin em or callin hots for em. It was workin on first down I know that. A little susceptible to the pass over deeper middle. Takes away the underneath digs, drags and slants, but if u can get him to bite up on one of those shorter routes and have a deeper route headed to the voided area u might be able to get some chunks.

    He punts when he should punt. Which is awesome.

    It was good game. He's a fun and solid user to play. Good luck the rest of the way skillz.

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