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    Post by Guest on Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:11 am

    Post scouting reports on Baylor(Yung) here.

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    Post by KidIcarus27 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:07 am

    I'm not really good at this.... Noticing trends and what not. What i did notice was he played mostly zone out of base formations. He controlled the SS and did a decent job staying behind the receivers in the middle of the field , but is slightly more vunerable against corners and crosses on his side. Plus I had a fairly easy day running the ball. Offensively he mixed it up with a slight edge to passing the ball. No options but a few misdirection plays. He ran his O out of a 3 wide I form mostly, (I think). May have been ace. That's pretty much all I got

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    Post by mrdinknose on Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:20 pm

    No question imo Yung is one of the best users I've played. We've played 3 times now: he won the first and I've won the last 2. Anyway Yung does a great job on d. The place I think he is the most vulnerable is against the corner routes. Mostly plays zone I'm thinkin cover 2 a lot hence leaving the corner routes open on occation. Short passes were not working at all neither were the deep middle routes. I ran the ball pretty well out of singleback formations and noticed my RB get open on pass plays a few times

    Offense is really tough. Yung strait fuckin owned me in the first half. Worse than I've been owned in a long time. He mixes up run and pass well. He did get a little pass happy but he killed me with some long draws everytime I was thinkin he was passin a lot.

    Without him throwin picks I certainly would've lost

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    Post by Joker12 on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:46 am

    I played Yung 3 different times in a span of about 3 hours lol. Defensively, he ran basically 90% zone. Usually cover 3s or 2s from what I could tell. He controlled the safety the first two games we played, and I would advise you not to test him. Twice he fooled me by looking like he was covering one receiver, before breaking off and going to another. Both resulted in user interceptions. I would advise to pass away from where he is. The third game he controlled the DT and was very solid disrupting the run game and getting pressure. One of the best defensive players I've played, I can't recall getting that frustrated before on offense. I actually watched replays after the game on some plays where I could not figure out for the life of me what defense he was in while I was playing.

    Offense is his weaker side. He ran out of Ace and Iform, runs the ball pretty effectively and sticks with it even if he is stuffed a few times. Our first game his first 3 drives resulted in interceptions, but he reigned in his passing game the other 2 games and made some very nice plays. Sometimes holds on to the ball too long and you can get sacks. Will look to the middle of the field first.

    Honestly, if you are playing him, I would recommend playing a conservative style. He is a beast on defense and points are gonna be at a premium, but you can contain his offense. The game he won 31-24 he scored two touchdowns on the defensive side of the ball. Punt the ball and play the field position game and hopefully you can put together maybe 1 or 2 drives while forcing a few turnovers to win the game. If you start turning it over though, you won't be in the game very long.

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    Post by Jaredlib on Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:56 pm

    My memory is kinda a haze from this game, I was so amped and I really wanted to win, midway through I got a call saying I had to be at school in 45 minutes so I was just trying to end it when I got a comfortable lead.

    Here is what I can say taht hasn't been said:

    I came out ready for a 3-4 but I almost always had 4 down linemen in front of me, unless one of them was a LB from 3-4 predator but I couldn't tell. As safety he is as advertised, picked me off the one time I went at him and forced me to stay short and look for small gains here and there. mostly zone, looked like cover 3, some zone blitzes as well mostly from the right side.

    On offense his o-line shit themselves so he tried to run it but struggled. Wasn't his fault, his boys just weren't blocking. Seemed to look at his TE or slot on ins/posts/slants or the outside guy on a slant against man, which he should do and he does a good job of making the right read of your coverage. Not afraid to run PA on short downs.

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    Post by chugg18 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:46 pm

    Offensively he wants to get Lattimore going on the ground with counters, draws, dives, and powers. Not many tosses or stretches. He mainly comes out in 3WR sets and will run or pass from it. Cant recall any screens WR or HB. Works the TE quite a bit out of that 3Wr set and keeps u guessin between run and pass with a few PA mixed in as well.

    Defensively he ran a base 3-4 with a variety of man and zone defenses. His front seven is nasty and will make ya grind for the yardage. He controls a safety and always seems to rally around the ball. I dont recall many secondary blitzes.

    Yung is a solid user and I can see why he's well respected around Rivals and Workers. Nice game Yung. Hope to see ya in Boulder next year for another dog fight . Hopefully without Lattimore. lol

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