Scouting Reports on iHub(Virginia)


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    Scouting Reports on iHub(Virginia)

    Post by dipsh on Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:08 pm

    Put scouting reports on your opponents in here. No back and forth just scouting reports.
    Keep Wreckinn
    Keep Wreckinn

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    Re: Scouting Reports on iHub(Virginia)

    Post by Keep Wreckinn on Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:36 pm


    Offense- hub was a pretty good player. Never ran anything that was too complicated and never really took risks. One of those players that kind of just takes what the defense gives him. His style was effective and i was able to keep him in check for most of the game. Running back was a beast and sliced my defense with the zone read for most of day. Never really took shots deep

    Defense- great defensive player. He had me on my toes the whole time. He was constantly getting to my QB which made it very hard for me to throw the ball vertical. He never really shut my zone read down but he didnt let it kill him either. Really tough for me to score on him jn the redzone if i could have done that i would have won. Hard matchup for any offense

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    Re: Scouting Reports on iHub(Virginia)

    Post by Jbrax1122 on Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:54 am

    O- Zone read, and def runs more then he passes. Went deep only 1 time that I can remember but moves down the field methodically.... Was in Shotgun most game, don't know if I ever saw him under center...

    D- nothing crazy, mostly 2 over the top, man, and he plays Safety or LB and is good at making user plays... Did not see a lot of blitz, but he did run only 2 down linemen a lot, and used his OLB as rush ends. Never really saw then drop back in zone....

    Good user....

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    Re: Scouting Reports on iHub(Virginia)

    Post by Ttech96 on Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:30 am

    O- He had the short field more than once, certainly made the run otion even more deadly. He did throw serval balls up his WR either jumped over or just accelatered to them. overall I was over matched the whole game. His Wr were wideopen due very good route running and read the coverages very well.

    D- Defended run very well even to the point of sacking a QB before the handoff. Plays mostly as the LB that is very talented as a user and the speed was just too much. Switches to DB quickly uses ball hawk very well. Your WR need to be open or the situation will be a turnover.

    Overall out usered me at everyturn, Very talented user and his team has the skill to beat you on defense which creates tough situations for you (i.e. short field, 3rd and long)

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    Re: Scouting Reports on iHub(Virginia)

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