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    Post by dipsh on Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:51 am

    Default Heisman
    7 min quarters
    3 star or lower teams to begin
    Create a coach
    Slowest coach progression setting
    4 teams in 3 conferences (PAC12, BIG10, ACC)
    3 Day advance (This is the max but if you need more time and you're letting the league know we will accomodate)

    We will once again be requiring everyone to contribute to these forums and scouting reports and game summaries will be mandatory after all user games.  Scouting reports are to be written up by both users and summaries will only need to be written by the winner of user games.

    Example of scouting report:

    To contact me:
    GT is Sharpsandwiich
    League Twitter feed is RivalsXBOX360
    Text # is 4352329666

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