NCAA Highlights 2013

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    NCAA Highlights 2013 Empty NCAA Highlights 2013

    Post by Stephen A Smith on Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:17 am

    Well, lets start with the obvious this year and talk about Rob Robonovich out of UCLA. He's the main man on campus now after the departure of the 'smash and dash' combo that led UCLA to two straight National Championships. But here's the kicker, he's the true reason those UCLA teams won those titles. Sure Bell and Griggs got all the attention, but Robonivich made the throws needed to keep the Bruins drives going when they needed to. Robonovich has it all, some say he's even better than Andrew Luck, an even more complete QB prospect that resembles a certain someone who may be in their final season. Could 2013 be the last year of (Robo) Manning and the beginning of (Robo) Robonovich?

    Do you guys remember that tackle out of the Michigan who the 'Phins took #1 a few years back? Well, Otto Freese will give you all deja vu. This kid is a monster, reigning Lombardi winner and absolutely the QBs greatest friend. This guy will make any DE disappear all game long. And speaking of Long, Freese has a real chance to go #1 as well. Penn St may be called 'Linebacker U,' Michigan can now be referred to as 'Left Offensive Tackle U,' actually, on second thought, scratch that idea...

    Here's one for all the closet recruiting freaks out there. Remember a few years back when #1 running back Lucious Dufree decided to commit to Southern Miss out of the blue when he had offers from dozens of other top tier schools? Then, in his freshman year, he injured his knee, though luckily he gets a medical redshirt. But after sitting out the year, he reinjures it in spring camp and is dropped to the bottom of the depth chart. On top of that, his coach losses faith in his abilities and withdraws his scholarship! Still recovering from his knee injury and looking to sit out most of the year, he decides to transfer and ends up sitting on the sidelines for a year in Oklahoma. Still following me? Well it looks like things have taken a turn for the better for Dufree, as he not only earned a scholarship sitting on the sidelines, but the Sooners also found their #1 back after he lit it up in the annual Red/White spring game.

    These are just three of the intriguing players to keep an eye on as the college football season kicks off. I'll be back to update their season's and give insight into others as the season progress.

    Oh, and by the way, make sure to tune in weekdays to ESPN 2 @10am est and check out FirstTake. Skip and I got another great year lined up of me subduing his insane rants, irrational thoughts, and plain tomfoolery.

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